Mazda Issues Recall Related to Windshield Wiper Defect
June 20, 2011

Mazda Motor Corp. has issued a recall for its 2008-2009 Mazda3 and MazdaSpeed3, citing a possible issue with the vehicles’ windshield wiper motors.

According to Mazda, the ground terminal of the windshield wiper motor on these vehicles “may have been inadvertently bent during assembly.”

“If this condition exists, then over time the electrical resistance of the motor circuit may increase up to a point that the windshield wipers would not work,” writes the company. The 103,000 vehicles potentially affected were manufactured at Mazda’s plant in Hofu, Japan, between January 7 and November 28, 2008. The windshield wiper system was manufactured by South Korea-based Bosch Electrical Drives Co. Ltd.

According to Mazda, the company first received a report of an issue in September 2009, when a U.S. customer advised the company that his windshield wipers had stopped working. In December 2009, a second report was received, and in March 2010, the company began investigating “based on an increasing trend of the concern.”

“The investigation identified that the supplier changed the jig used for installing the ground terminal in January 2008 and that the failures were concentrated in the period after this,” writes Mazda in its notification to NHTSA. “It was discovered that the revised jig may bend the ground terminal if used improperly.”

Mazda dealers will install an additional ground harness on the wiper motor free of charge, and owners will be contacted in early July. The auto manufacturer reported the recall to NHTSA on Wednesday, June 15.

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