South Carolina Auto Glass Shop Owner Draws Attention with His Commitment to Saying “Merry Christmas”
December 23, 2011

Turner’s Auto Glass in Florence, S.C., was featured in a recent local report for the attention it has gained for using the phrase “Merry Christmas” when potential customers call the shop.

Danny Turner, who opened the company in 1982, says the company has always used the phrase “Merry Christmas” in lieu of “Happy Holidays,” but that attention toward this grew when his company featured the concept in a local television commercial.

“We’ve said Merry Christmas forever but then we did the commercial,” Turner told™/AGRR™ magazine. “Unfortunately it doesn’t bring in a ton of business, but people hear about it and they say, ‘If I have a broken windshield I’ll call you guys.’”

For the most part, he’s only heard positive response. “We’ve had a lot of good feedback from it,” says Turner. “I heard that there were a couple of negative comments on Facebook, but others responded and straightened those guys out.”

He does point out, however, that while his company has had a good response, its location in what many consider the “Bible Belt,” makes it a bit easier.

“There’s not a lot of opposition [here] and people really like it, and I don’t know why more people don’t do it,” says Turner. “Elsewhere in the United States it might be harder to do that.”

Turner says when he does hear a negative response, he takes it in stride. “It’s not a time to get into debate with someone over their religious beliefs,” he says.

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