NWRA Success in Connecticut

by Peg Stroka
(source: NWRA press release)

The Commissioner of Consumer Protection, Edwin Rodriguez, recently issued a temporary limited license for windshield repair effective until the ANSI standard, Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (RAGS) is completed. This will permit windshield repairers to continue to safely repair windshields, to hire and train new people, and to apply for new business licenses.

The NWRA and dozens of its members contributed time and money to the successful defense of the windshield repair industry in Connecticut. Glen Moses, director of technical quality programs for Safelite Auto Glass, was our most important and effective advocate in Connecticut. His participation in the committee work, his constant vigilance against unethical committee practices, his repeated introduction of repair friendly proposals and testimony and his company's deep commitment to repair were key to the favorable resolution achieved. Mike Boyle, NWRA vice president & president of Glas-Weld Systems attended and testified at every meeting subsequent to NWRA involvement. Other NWRA members who participated personally in the process included Paul Syfko, president of the NWRA & Glass Medic; Richard Campfield, former NWRA board member and president Ultra Bond; David Taylor, NWRA board member; Peg Stroka, NWRA operations director and many local NWRA members.

Licensing was the process used in Connecticut to attempt to abolish windshield repair. A number of states are considering the National Glass Association's Model Licensing Act that covers auto, flat and architectural glass. This act differs from the act in Connecticut in that the NGA's Model Licensing Act provides for representatives from the windshield repair industry to participate equally with the auto glass replacement and flat glass industries. It the NWRA's intention to closely monitor the legislative process and to be aggressively involved.

The development of RAGS will help the NWRA to more effectively represent our industry in licensing issues around the country. An independent committee is currently deeply involved in developing this standard. Your continued support, personal and financial, of the NWRA is appreciated and needed.

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