Commerce Insurance Issues Updated Pricing

Commerce Insurance has issued its new pricing structure. The text of the letter reads:

Our new pricing structure is as follows and will be effective for work completed on or after March 14, 2005.

Labor: $40.00 base and $30.00 per Nags hour
Nags Windshields: 15% off Nags list price
Nags Tempered parts: 15% off Nags list price
High Modulus/Non-Conductive urethane: 1 kit = $65.00
1.5 kits = $95.00
2 kits = $125.00
all other urethane = $22.00 flat
Windshield Repairs: $69.95 and $9.95 for each additional chip
Dealer/Premium glass is allowed on 2004 or newer vehicles, unless more cost effective (WITH preapproval from the glass dept).
A Purchase Invoice is required on all moldings over $50.00

To view a pdf of the original document as received by GlassBytes, click here.

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