Motor Coach Industries Recalls Transom Windows on Select Motor Coaches
April 10, 2012

by Katie O'Mara,

Motor Coach Industries, Inc is recalling up to 560 MCI J4500 motor coaches with defective bonding on the transom windows. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the transom windows may detach from the coach due to problems with bonding in vehicles manufactured between June 2009 and November 2011.

Motor Coach Industries will notify owners of affected motor coaches and the vehicles can be taken to dealers to have mechanical retention clips installed on the transom windows at no charge, which will keep the windows attached to the motor coach if the bonding fails.

The defect was first reported in June 2011 after a customer reported that transom windows had detached from two model J motor coaches from Motor Coach Industries.

“MCI investigated the incident and determined that during the time period referenced in … above, MCI had used an incorrect cleaning and preparation process for bonding the transom windows to the coaches,” read documents from Motor Coach Industries provided to owners of affected motor coaches. “As a result of this incorrect process, the bond between the window and coach may not be sufficient to properly retain the window throughout the intended life of the coach. MCI Engineering developed a mechanical retention mechanism for the transom windows and introduced them into production in November 2011 on unit number 66046. Although no injuries have been reported, MCI decided in March 2012 to remedy the affected coaches by conducting a recall campaign.”

Questions have been brought forth regarding why the defect wasn’t reported in November 2011 when the company started using the mechanical retention mechanism on production of the affected vehicles.

“After reviewing the chronology provided in part 6 of the 573, please explain when you decided that an incorrect assembly process had been used,” read a letter from the NHTSA to Motor Coach Industries. “Why wasn’t a defect decision made and a recall notice filed when the production change was made in November 2011, or earlier? What has happened between November 2011 and now that explains why you are filing now?”

Six quarterly status reports are required from the company moving forward.

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