Plaintiff List Grows to More than 200 in Safelite CSR Class Action Suit
June 27, 2011

The list of plaintiffs in a federal class action suit against Safelite Solutions has grown to more than 200, according to court documents. The court granted class certification in the case in April. The suit originally was filed by three Safelite Solutions CSRS (two former and one current) who allege that the company has failed to compensate them with overtime pay when they have worked more than 40 hours per week.

In addition, the court has scheduled a jury trial for August 13, 2012, in the case—exactly two years to the date of its original filing.

The original case stems from allegations that the company requires its CSRs to start their shifts each day by booting up their computer systems, but then omit the time it takes the CSR to boot up the system from its calculation of the hours the CSRs have worked each week. They also allege that the company “fail[s] to maintain records of all the hours so worked by those representatives.”

The CSRs further allege that though they regularly work (or worked) more than 40 hours a week when the time spent booting up their systems is (or was) included, they have not received overtime pay for the additional time spent launching their systems.

The plaintiffs are seeking compensatory damages “in an amount equal to the difference between the time-and-a-half payments required,” liquidated damages, costs and attorneys’ fees, and pre-judgment and post-judgment interest.

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