Safelite Responds to Suit Filed by CSRs and Sales Reps
November 23, 2011

Safelite Solutions has filed an answer with the court to the allegations made by former CSRs and sales representatives, according to court records. A class action suit filed against Safelite more than a year ago by a group of CSRs seeks unpaid wages and overtime, an injunction prohibiting the company from continuing to engage in the alleged overtime violations, pre- and post-judgment interest, attorneys’ fees and liquidated damages.

In the response filed by Safelite the company states that,” Plaintiffs and others allegedly similarly situated are not entitled to compensation for time they purportedly worked without Defendants’ actual or constructive knowledge.”

Safelite claims that the plaintiffs were properly compensated for all hours worked and the company goes on to say that, “defendants demand that this First Amended Collective Action Complaint be dismissed against them, that they recover their costs, including attorneys’ fees, herein expended, and that the court grant such other and further relief as may be proper.”

Plaintiffs also have filed a motion for class certification that could expand the current class—which includes both current and former CSRs from both the company’s Columbus and Chandler, Ariz., facilities—to also include sales representatives from these locations.

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