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Hearing Held in Diamond Triumph, Safelite Case

A hearing was held yesterday in the Diamond Triumph v. Safelite anti-steering case, the first open hearing in the three-year-old case. Each party had filed a motion for summary judgment, which if granted, could end the case. After in limine hearings that included testimony by three industry experts, at least one of whom represented Safelite, the attorneys for each auto glass giants were allotted thirty minutes to present the arguments supporting each motion.

As defendant in the case, Safelite's motion for summary judgment was presented first, to which Diamond Triumph was allowed to respond. Safelite also had a chance to make a statement following Diamond Triumph's statement before the trial continued, allowing Diamond Triumph to make its argument for a ruling on its motion for summary judgment. Safelite was given a chance to respond and, as is customary in court of law, Diamond Triumph also had the opportunity to make a final statement.

Both companies walked away from the meeting pleased and issued formal statements to™
Safelite was particularly pleased that the court is allowing its motion of summary judgment to continue, stating: "After three years of litigation we're pleased that the court scheduled a hearing on our motion of summary judgment to dismiss the case. We continue to believe the suit lacks merit and we will continue to vigorously defend our legal position." Diamond Triumph also felt positive about the experience and optimistic about the outcome of the hearing.

"The company is extremely satisfied with the hearing today as it had the opportunity to present a portion of evidence in open court. Diamond remains confident that the outcome will be positive for the entire industry. The company awaits the judge's decision," said a statement issued by Diamond Triumph.

Stay tuned to for more information about the case and the judge's decision as it becomes available.

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