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AGRR Magazine Managing Editor Experiences "Spontaneous Breakage" Just Before Wedding

AGRR managing editor Kim White married Brian Johnson on Saturday, October 14, 2006 in Fredericksburg, Va. The ceremony took place at Fredericksburg United Methodist Church before 175 guests. The couple is spending their honeymoon on Kiawah Island, S.C.

In a twist of fate, three days before her wedding, White's right rear sidelite spontaneously broke while she was returning to the office at the end of her lunch break. White is insured by USAA.

A call to her insurance company to have the glass replaced proved an interesting ordeal. She was initially told that Safelite would not be able to replace the broken glass for three days. Already rattled by the experience and concerned about the weather, which had turned inclement, the news prompted White to burst into tears and tell the customer service rep (CSR) that she couldn't wait three days due to her upcoming wedding.

The CSR said she was only authorized to call two other shops and that they were busy, but that White could call whichever shop she wanted, confirm availability and then call the CSR back with the phone number so that the CSR could contact the glass shop and see if they would agree to the rates and time frame. After more tears and forceful words from White, the CSR said she would speak to her supervisor and put White on hold; when she returned to the line she had obtained authorization to make a few more calls, so long as White was willing to stay on the phone. (A glass shop in Northern Virginia was located that could do the job the same day and the job dispatched.)

Her sidelite was replaced that afternoon and White was pleased with the work.

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