South Carolina Auto Glass Shop Owner Takes Own Life After Chase; Was Suspect in Four Murders
July 7, 2011

A South Carolina glass shop owner took his own life on Sunday, July 3, after being chased by members of the local police departments for his alleged involvement in four recent murders, according to information from the Aiken County (S.C.) Sheriff’s Office. State records list the deceased, Kenneth Myers, as the registered agent for Lexington Quality Auto Glass Service LLC in Lexington, S.C.

Police say they had begun searching for Myers on July 2 after finding three homicide victims, which, according to local reports, included Myers’ wife, her twin sister, and their mother. They learned of the incident from a neighbor who called 911 after a seven-year-old daughter of one of the victims ran to the neighbor’s house carrying her one-year-old sibling, according to the police.

On July 3, a fourth victim—believed to be a longtime ex-girlfriend of Myers, according to local reports, was found dead at her residence.

As the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office investigated, officers say “information was developed that Myers was out to do harm to several individuals in the community.” While checking on each of the individuals, the police say they spotted Wagener in the fourth victim’s vehicle and began to chase him. When Myers allegedly attempted to strike the police with the vehicle he was driving, they shot at him, and he then returned to the location where the first three murders are believed to have occurred and took his own life, according to a police statement.

Police say Myers allegedly made comments to an individual that he “ … would hurt certain people if he snapped.” Though several local reports have indicated that a written “hit list” existed, police say “a written list could not be located and to the best of our knowledge a written list never existed.”

Several local reports also have noted that Myers, who allegedly provided windshield repair service to the police’s fleet, had told one officer that the bad economy had cut into his business.

Attempts to reach Lexington Quality Auto Glass Service have been unsuccessful; the voicemail box for the only number located for the company is full, and features a gentleman reading the commonly known “Serenity Prayer,” prior to asking that the caller leave a message.

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