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What'll They Think of Next? Are Tires an Upgrade?

An AGRR/ staff member happens to have recently started shopping for a new car. While doing some online research on a particular car-a Toyota Matrix to be exact-the staff member noticed that as part of the optional packages for the vehicle "windshield mouldings" were listed as part of the "All-Weather Guard Package" for the car.

As it turns out, according to a salesman at the local Toyota dealership in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Toyota is using windshield mouldings-the same windshield mouldings that come standard on most new vehicles-as part of the marketing campaign "because no one else does."

That was the answer the AGRR/ staff member got when inquiring about the moulding reference on the website. When she pointed out that saying a windshield came with moulding was "like saying the car comes with a muffler," the salesman just shrugged and offered no more information.

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