U.S. Travelers Back Away from Road Travel
August 12, 2011

Vehicle travel on the nation’s roadways dropped 1.9 percent in May 2011, compared with the same month of the previous year. The number of miles driven dropped from 258.9 billion to 254.0 billion for May 2011, according to the latest report from the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

April travel had dropped 2.6 percent from the previous year.

Vehicle travel by region followed suit, with drops occurring throughout the United States. The greatest decrease, however, was seen in the South Gulf, which topped even national numbers with a 2.2 percent drop from last year (see chart below for more).

Vehicle Miles Driven by Region
(in millions)

  May 2010 May 2011 % Change
Northeast 38,337 37,869 -1.2
South Atlantic 56,086 55,221 -1.5
North Central 59,514 58,268 -2.1
South Gulf 50,030 48,951 -2.2
West 55,022 53,718 -2.4
Total 258,991 254,029 -1.9

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