Pricing Turmoil Continues

With more pricing on Offer & Acceptances programs from insurance companies coming to light, it is becoming clear that many different people are paying many different prices.
However, GlassBytes™ has obtained the O&A letters for Nationwide Insurance and Allied Insurance for Rate MN C, D & E (prices that are exclusive to Minnesota for these three categories) and they are the same.
The prices quoted are:

NAGS Windshield: 0.0% Off (-) NAGS List
NAGS Tempered: 0.0% Above (-) NAGS List
Labor: $40.00 Flat
Plus: $30.00 Per NAGS Hour
High Modulus/
Non-Conductive Urethane: $65.00 1.0 Kit
$95.00 1.5 Kit
$125.00 2.0 Kit
All other urethanes: $15.00 per NAGS kit quantity

Windshield Repairs: $59.95 +$10 For each additional break
Maximum of 3 repairs total

All non-Nags glass parts on an invoice must be accompanied by proof of purchase submitted with the invoice.

The SGC Network administers the glass program for both these companies.

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